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Where To Find A Professional Welder or Fabricator Nearby Norristown, PA.

Need A Professional Welder or Fabricator?

 Here is a definitive list of professionals welders near your location as rated by your neighborhood communities. Want to see who made the cut? ... Where do you need the welder? .... Sheet metal fabrication services near me ... Wrought iron workers near me.


What is Welding and Fabrication?

"Structural steel and sheet metal are the usual starting materials for fabrication, along with the welding wire, flux, and fasteners that will join the cut pieces. As with other manufacturing processes, both human labor and automation are commonly used. The product resulting from fabrication may be called a fabrication". You may read more in-depth about welding and fabrication HERE: WikiPedia


How many types of welding are there?

Welding is a method of fusing together two or more pieces of metal using electricity or flame. Welding is used to construct buildings, make metal sculptures, build and repair cars, make gates and furniture, and for many other practical and aesthetic uses. There are multiple types of welding. Here is an overview of the most popular methods:

  • Stick welding: Formally known as shielded metal arc welding, stick welding uses extreme heat applied at the seam of two separate metals to melt them together. A third (intermediary) metal may also be incorporated for added strength. As the metals cool, they are bonded together.
  • Metal inert gas (MIG) welding: Formally known as gas metal arc welding, MIG welding uses a tool to feed metal wire into the weld puddle while an electrical arc melts the wire, which will fuse to the base metal upon cooling.
  • Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding: Formally referred to gas tungsten arc welding, TIG welding is a similar process MIG welding, but instead of using a tool that continuously feeds metal wire into the weld puddle, the welder must hold and manually feed the stick.
  • Gas welding: A mix of flammable gas and oxygen is used to heat metal to the melting point.
  • Forge welding: Forging metal is an ancient art that involves heating two pieces of metal until they are molten, then hammering them together.

Read more on the different types of welding from WikiPedia HERE:


Welders Close to You.

There are thousands of people and companies alike from Northern Pennsylvania to Northern Jersey asking, ”How do I find the best welders in my area?” We are here offer a bit of information to help you find credible and professional welders near your location, who are ready to complete your welding and fabrication maintenance project(s). With the added protection of personal privacy, you can hire nearby pros with confidence.



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(1) L.A.T Welding & Maintenance | Norristown, PA.

L.A.T Welding & Maintenance are welding and fabrication maintenance professionals servicing the greater Norther Pennsylvania to Northern Jersey Areas for 20+ years. L.A.T Welding & Maintenance performs welding repairs and new construction projects. They specialize in industrial steel, aluminum, concrete & iron fabrication. They also specialize in minor home improvement repairs as well. You have questions they have answers... So contact them today for all of your residential and commercial needs!

L.A.T Welding & Maintenance | Norristown, PA. - JOIN THEM ON FACEBOOK - (215) 475-0052 -

Areas they service:


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East Norriton, PA

West Norriton, PA

King of Prussia, PA

Ardmore, PA

Lansdale, PA

Phoenixville, PA

Broomall, PA

Horsham, PA

Willow Grove, PA

Drexel Hill, PA

Lansdowne, PA

Springfield, PA

Yeadon, PA

Darby, PA

Philadelphia, PA


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Bergen County

Essex County

Hudson County

Morris County

Passaic County

Sussex County

Union County

Warren County